Updating a wood panelled wall

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Before you start painting wood paneling, prepare the surface first.Place newspapers or a drop cloth on the floor where you will be working.If your paneling is solid wood made from individual, tongue-and-groove or V-groove boards, don’t try filling in the grooves, since it will tend to crack and fall out as the wood shrinks and expands with the seasons.To give solid wood paneling a new look, either lightly sand and paint the wood or remove the boards and replace with drywall.Whether or not to paint wood paneling and moldings is a controversial topic.When it comes to the cheap wood veneer that was so popular in the 1970s the answer is almost universally yes, but when it comes to other, more solid types of wood paneling the answer is often hotly debated.Are you looking for tips on how hide your old wood paneling?Well, here are some great ways to cover up wood paneling and transform your old wooden paneling into something modern and new.

A damp rag will get rid of most of the dust, dirt and cobwebs, but if there are layers of grime you’ll want to use a solution of TSP and water to get it all off.

As they say, repainting is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to revive any room.

Reminder: wear safety clothing when using paint, paint thinner and paint remover.

It can instantly make that dingy wood paneling look fresh and bright.

If you decide to paint over the wood paneling in your home make sure to follow these steps.

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