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Supporters of single-sex education would argue that they do.

Some state schools, notably Shenfield comprehensive in Essex, have experimented with introducing single-sex classes for a variety of lessons.

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The number of boys taking physics at A-level this summer was just over 21,000 while slightly more than 6,000 girls took the subject. Research conducted by the University of Cambridge would appear to support Mrs Mc Carthy-Fry.

In a study published just three years ago, girls spoke of being more relaxed when removed from "social pressures" once boys were absent from the classroom.

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Because the new Schools minister, Sarah Mc Carthy-Fry, has called for more single-sex classes in schools, believing in particular that girls would learn from being taught science in single-sex classes – even in co-educational schools. She believes that girls can feel intimidated in mixed classes because boys put their hands up and answer all the questions.