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Anime fan dating

Let’s talk about 5 reasons why watching anime is like dating, shall we?

One of the most important things to remember in a relationship, especially when you’re starting off, is that it needs time.

When you watch anime, don’t you opt to spend quality time watching anime, getting to know the characters, and falling in love with the story?

Don’t you take the time to find out if the anime is worth continuing or dumping? When the season’s done, you still spend time reading the light novels, playing the games, watching the specials, re-watching the series, reading the manga, etc.

Die größte deutschsprachige Geek-Dating-Seite für alle Gamer, Anime- & Manga-Otakus, Cosplayer, LARP-Helden, Reenactment-Darsteller, Pen & Paper-Protagonisten, Brettspiel-Feinschmecker und natürlich, Comic- & Bücher-Fans!

Meeting the Otaku Girl Making the Otaku Girl Fall for You Making the Relationship Last Community Q&A You might be nervous about approaching an otaku girl with romantic intentions, regardless of whether you're an otaku or non-otaku guy.

Dating rules are changing because of same-sex relationships and other sexual identities.When you join Mai Otaku (pronounced My Otaku), the first thing to do is list your favorite anime (from our list of all of them) and any conventions you have attended.We match your list, mixed with your basic stats (birthdate, orientation, location), to find other fans like you who are near you. What if you are actually in a relationship and you didn’t realize it?Sure, you may not be in a relationship with a physical human, but perhaps it is not as ridiculous as it sounds.

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For example, people who love pets look for pet dating websites, so they can find a partner who not only accepts them but their pets as well.

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